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September 02, 2010


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Ed Huddle

May I suggest an alternative interpretation of the two semi-parables:

Typically, we do indeed make reasonable assessments of success or failure before embarking on a task - we plan things out. But the task of following Jesus is qualitatively different than any worldly task. In following Him, we follow unconditionally - without a plan, because we follow His plan, carrying on each day with a Radical Trust In Jesus.

While that might be impossible to completely accomplish (I know I can't do it!), at least we must endeavour to try - and that might partly define the cross we each must bear.

Forsaking the ways of the world in favor of the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven as revealed by Jesus Christ? I keep on failing - but God grant me the Spirit to keep on trying!

Ed Huddle

John Petty

Hi Ed,

I think that's a different way of saying some of the same things I said--(aack! that's not the best sentence I ever wrote, but hope you catch the drift).

Yes, a qualitative difference, of a different order from every day experience. I agree, though we live out that tension every day.

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