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April 04, 2010


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Ed Huddle

John, you say that Luke wants us to know that it was a sin to crucify Jesus and thus contrary to God's will - and yet it was "neccessary" and therefore I assume
in accordance with God's will for the salvation of Man.
Is this another one of those things beyond the capacity of human reason, like the Triune God or the Existence of Evil and Suffering, that we just need to accept in faith?

John Petty

You're right. I was updating an older post on that text, and, as I was writing, I said to myself: There's a bit of a disconnect here. Which you caught. Way to go!

I think Luke does hold both points of view. It was necessary, but it was also sinful. What I've yet to discern is how he makes those two things go together.

Ed Huddle

John, you once told me that God was a "genius". Too bad we don't have a stronger word because that seems to be quite an understatement! Sometimes it seems that trying to understand God is like an amoeba trying to understand Man. But, two promising things: first, we were made in His image and second, we were given Jesus. So maybe there's hope in trying after all.

Then again, maybe its not Reason afterall that we should be using to gain understanding, given all the disconnects out there. Maybe we should be using more Heart or feelings to understand and get close to God.

In the end, sometimes I just give up (because it all makes my brain hurt), and simply try to have a 'radical trust in Jesus'!

John Petty

My pastor friends and I have this discussion all the time. Which is more important? The head or the heart? We always come to the conclusion that both are needed.

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