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2000 Husky Hylectric - 1100 Ton

2000 Husky Hylectric

1100 Ton H1000 Hylectric | 211 oz

General Specifications

Brand Husky Hylectric
Tonnage1100 Ton (H1000 Hylectric)
Shot Size211 oz.
  • Mexico
  • North America
Model NumberH1000 RS135/115
Options & UpgradesOne Core Pull on Fixed Platen, 2 Core Pull on the Movable Platen, 12 Valve Gates

Technical Specifications

  • Hylectric
Tie Bar Distance61.0" inches  x  52.0" inches
Platen Size 81.5" inches 72.4" x 
Daylight Min23.6" inches
Daylight Max51.2" inches 102.4"
Core Pull Sequences Yes One Fixed and 2 Movable Platen
Types of ControlsPolaris
Dimensions 51' ftx 12' ftx 9.38' ft


Overall ConditionVery Good
Barrel & ScrewVery Good
Material RunPP, HDPE

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