• Plastic Injection Molding Defects and Solutions

    August 06, 2013

    These plastic molding defects articles are intended to help facilities managers, machine operators and all the like. We developed these articles in an effort to produce content to help you. We hope you will find these articles to be informative.

    Injection Molding Defects Glossary

    This content outlines various common injection molding defects, alternative names, descriptions and causes.

    Blister, Blistering: Raised or layered area on surface of the piece. Tool is not properly cooled and/or has a faulty heater, leaving the material hotter than it should be.

    Burn marks, air burn/gas burn/dieseling: Black or brown markes from where air is trapped. Tool is not properly vented, or injection speed is too fast.

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    How To Prevent Bubbles in Plastic Injection Molding

    This article helps you identify the types of bubbles you may be dealing with and offers possible solutions for the bubbling in your material.

    Time is money and one small issue that can be costly in injection molding is bubbling. Bubbles have two primary causes: gas pockets or vacuum voids. Both of these are essentially air-flow related issues.

    In order to remedy the situation you need to examine which type of bubble you are dealing with specifically because the quicker you can identify they type of bubble, the faster you can diagnose and repair the issues slowing production.

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